How to optimize your MT4 and VPS?

Optimize MT4 for Speed on a VPS

In general, the performance of your automated trading system or EA will work better if the order gets to the broker ahead of the majority of other orders. This is especially so when running a scalping EA or an EA that hundreds or even thousands of other people are using. By getting your order in ahead of other traders, before the price has had time to change, the order could get filled at a better price and could even avoid price slippage.

While the proximity of where the VPS server is located in relation to the MT4 broker’s server location is a main factor, it is also very important that the VPS does not add to the latency time. A slow or overloaded VPS will add to the latency of the running software. When we build and setup our servers we have in mind low latency as a priority. We offer multiple powerful CPU cores, SSDs and large amounts of RAM with all VPS’s, along with a very specific configuration, which gives the VPS the power and headroom to resist ‘bogging down’ and creating latency while running MT4.

There are further things you can do to your MT4 software to maximize its efficiency on the VPS, especially if you run multiple MT4s and / or where speed is a priority.

MT4 optimization GUIDE